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Feature article March 1, 2024:


QI Materials Corp. High-Purity Silica Presents Opportunity


"With quality proven high-purity silica assets, an operational pilot plant making custom orders for partnerships & offtake prospects, and a Right of First Refusal agreement with HPQ Silicon, it appears only a matter of time before QIMC gravitates significantly higher in share price (several multiples current)."

- Market Equities Research Group


Québec Innovative Materials Corp.

(CSE: QIMC)  (Frankfurt: 7FJ)



Share data, Capitalization, & Corporate info


 Shares Outstanding: 73.91 million

 Recently Traded: ~CDN$0.02/share (CSE:QIMC)

 52 Week High/Low: ~$0.11/ 0.02

 Current Market Cap.: ~$2.3 million Canadian

 Corporate Website: qimaterials.com



Valuation Commentary: Québec Innovative Materials Corp. (CSE: QIMC) (Frankfurt: 7FJ) (a.k.a. QI Materials) is a Canadian-based mineral exploration and development company that is executing on a strategy to become a sustainable supplier of resources which are essential in advanced batteries and the electrification of the green economy. QI Materials has a pilot silica processing plant, able to produce custom products to meet its partners specification. QI Materials has issued a 2024 strategy synopsis that rapidly advances it toward a near-term industrial mining production scenario on its portfolio of high-grade SiO2 properties in Ontario and Quebec.


QI Materials is always evaluating potential partnerships for all varying grades of its silica material and will be looking at offtake agreements in 2024.

Current noteworthy partnerships:

HPQ Silicon Inc. ("HPQ"): MOU signed regarding the procurement of Quartz from QI Material's Charlevoix Silica Project. Additionally, QI Materials has entered into a Right of First Refusal ("ROFR") agreement with HPQ which allows HPQ the ROFR to purchase the first 10,000 tons of high-grade silica material extracted from a QI Materials silica project.

Ekopav: MOU signed March 2023 regarding the procurement of silica sands for production of asphalt products.


Over the coming months QIMC will continue to provide silica feed from its Charlevoix project in Québec to various industry participants, while it juxtaposes development efforts to ready the River Valley project in Ontario and the new Charlevoix discovery zones. QI Materials continues to receive expressions of interest from various manufacturers globally (e.g. a representative from a private Chinese-owned company in the solar panel manufacturing industry recently visited the Company's facility in Lachute, Québec and was provided with samples for analysis at their lab in Vancouver, BC.).


QI Materials has announced the following plans and goals for 2024:


River Valley Silica Project, 65 Km northeast of Sudbury Ontario:

● Perform mechanical stripping of the quartz vein formation.

● Perform a hybrid detailed exploration/geotechnical drill program in order to delineate a resource and design the quarry.

● Execute quarry design and production plan.

● Conduct advanced metallurgical testing on silica material.

● Commence production permitting process.

● Negotiate strategic offtake agreements.


Note: River Valley has no permitting issues, it hosts a substantial quarryable body of 98% - 99.9+% pure SiO2 proximal roads and rail infrastructure. The River Valley Project is being advanced toward fast-track production (see related October 11, 2023 news release "QI Materials Procures OptiSim Mining Solutions for Engineering and Production Services").

Charlevoix Silica Project, Quebec:

● Secure bulk sample permit for Zones 1 and 2.

● Perform mechanical stripping on newly discovered zones 4, 5 and 6.

● Conduct exploration drilling on newly discovered zones 4, 5, and 6 to evaluate the size, geometry, depth, and width of the quartzite formation and determine if they are continuously connected to one another.

● Negotiate strategic offtake agreements.


The new discovery zones at Charlevoix are high-purity and are confirmed without permitting issues, 100% outside any hunting & fishing zec. Property zones will be stripped clean and various surveys conducted as needed with the intention of going operational; so far zones 4 and 5 have been mapped in detail, cleaned off, channel sampled, and over 120m of strike length is now exposed at surface. The true thickness and width of the quartzite formation is currently unknown as the contacts are buried beneath overburden, however we can observe 5-10 metres high quartzite walls in certain areas. This October-2023 QI Materials announced that it has received a permit to further expand work on its high grade on surface Charlevoix Silica Project. It was an 8 month process and further expands the capacity to deliver even more high-grade material. This permitting is in line with the Québec government’s green supply chain strategy, and expands the QIMC’s operations and ability to deliver even more high-grade silica to clients who have been eagerly waiting for this.


Demand for reliable high-purity quartz/silica feed is increasingly critical for companies such as nearby Montreal-based HPQ Silicon Inc. which is developing several new advanced silicon innovation processes that will drive the future (see related news release "QI Materials Delivers Additional Samples to HPQ Silicon Inc." and "QIMC Contributes to HPQ Silicon Battery Initiative", among others), such as GM and Ford which are building new EV battery plants nearby (next gen lithium silicon anode batteries offer improved performance and capacity), such as solar panel glass manufactures and a myriad of other applications (ceramics, building materials, foundry and metals, coatings and polymers, chemicals, filtration and absorbents, etc.). CSE:QIMC is set for upside share price revaluation to better reflect its strategic positioning, able to provide crucial feed. Of particular note is the October 11, 2023 joint press release from HPQ Silicon and Pyrogenesis entitled "Successful Silicon Pour and Validation of All Critical Milestones in HPQ PUREVAP™ GEN3 QRR Testing" confirming continuous pour at scale of 2N+ silicon and achieving one-step 3N+ battery-grade silicon -- this technology is the future of silicon production. Also important to note is that quartz-derived silicon has gained significant strategic importance, recently earning a place on the USA's strategic mineral list.



● Widely considered the next significant advance in battery technology.
● Cost effective.
● Sustainable mining with inert materials.
● Little waste – Applications for all grades.
● Most abundant element in earth’s crust after oxygen.
● Growing Global silica sand market ($11.2B in 2022 to ~$19B in 2029).
● New plants needed to meet demand growth.


Unlike traditional mining mineral resources (such as gold), which require copious amounts of drilling, silicon dioxide is industrial quartzite and a massive voluminous resource is able to be blocked out quickly with a few 100m drill holes (~1,000 m total should suffice), also these type of bodies are typically operated for multiple decades and the grades/quality get better with depth (where there is less weathering and impurities). The hard part (which QIMC has already accomplished) is to find the right combination of purity, consistency, access, permitting, and infrastructure -- the actual extraction of material is typically inexpensive (as its quarry-style mining), it is the transportation costs that can quickly add up. At River Valley its a short trip down the highway and onto established rail network, and at Charlevoix it is only ~3.5 hours by road to Montreal (where HPQ, and other manufacturers are along the Saint Lawrence). In-short, economics are expected to be robust.


Market Equities Research Group has a near-term (12 month) share price target several times the current for CSE:QIMC: QIMC currently has a nominal market cap of ~C$1.5M (~73.91 million shares trading near ~C$0.02). The share price of QIMC is poised for upside revaluation as the significance of what Québec Innovative Materials Corp. possesses is better appreciated by the market. A good comparable for investors in QIMC to look forward gravitating towards is that of Homerun Resources Inc. (HMR), a silica pure-play out of Brazil -- HMR trades with a marketcap near C$35M; Comparably QIMC is on par for silica and is out of North America, which affords certain advantages. QIMC has simply been under-the-radar, however now with the moves its making to advance key assets combined with continued expressions of intent from client HPQ and others, it appears only a matter of time before QIMC gravitates significantly higher in share price (several multiples current).



Figure 1. (above) -- QIMC has various grades and types of feed stock, mined from its Charlevoix project, prepped and ready for delivery to clients requiring silica according to spec. Visible in the image above in the bags up front and in the insets are large crystalline-like chunks that are milled to specification; in HPQ Silicon Inc.'s case they are very specific: X size, at X grade, X-sort of dimension, roundness angularity, etc. -- reports are HPQ is very pleased with the product being delivered and explains why HPQ entered a ROFR agreement with QI Materials. In the image above, any weathered look is attributed to surface exposure -- simply crack below the surface and the silica is much more translucent white. The rows of bags further to the back are finer material, a by-product of processing the main batch -- this material would go to a different client such as an asphalt company; no waste.



Figure 2. (above) -- QIMC's pilot mobile silica refining processing plant for custom batches, with inset of current world market pricing* (*annotated by Mining MarketWatch Journal). For reference, the product processed in the bags seen up front in Figure 1 would likely command somewhere between US$225 - $500/tonne, depending on specs -- certainly offering quality margins for QIMC once operational at scale. HPQ is able to take the feed from QIMC and upgrade it using proprietary technology to US$500 - $5000/tonne range product, HPQ can produce the value-added product significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than any current process being employed now in the world.


QIMC has a MOU with HPQ Silicon Inc. whereby QIMC provides feed stock for HPQ’s various processes, currently in various stages of development. HPQ is a technology firm that is on the cusp of literally revolutionizing several multi-billion dollar industries. Market Equities Research Group believes the market cap of HPQ is poised to propel ~10X (to well over C$1B) as its various verticals advance over the next couple years. The fact HPQ approached QIMC to secure its high-purity silica feed speaks volumes. Prior to using QIMC, HPQ was sourcing feed from private operators that charged horrendously for the uniquely rigorous specs HPQ needed.

The activities of HPQ are centred on three key verticals:

1) Becoming the lowest-cost (capex and opex) manufacturer of high-purity silicon (2N+ to 4N) using HPQ’s proprietary PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR). This is a process to convert quartz into high purity silicon in one step. This industry alone is a near-US$15+Billion industry globally, projected to rise to $30B in under a decade with the growth of silicon based anode material, and the process HPQ has perfected now is set to send shock-waves through the industry as HPQ’s process gives it a substantial competitive advantage once implemented on a large scale. Even on a smaller scale, initially focusing on precise high purity material at the right scalability, HPQ will quickly dominate as there are many buyers that are going to be looking for a consistent feedstock for what they are doing.

2) Becoming a green, low-cost (capex and opex) manufacturer of fumed silica using HPQ’s proprietary Fumed Silica Reactor (FSR). HPQ just recently announced the first samples of commercial-grade Fumed Silica delivered to a 3rd party. The competitive advantage of HPQ’s Fumed Silica process once rolled out on a large scale is on a transformational order of magnitude.

3) Developing a small and compact process for on-demand green hydrogen production created through the hydrolysis of silicon and other materials. Only recently have patents been filed that allow HPQ to discuss the incredible potential. By the end of 2024 HPQ will have an operating prototype, an operational system that either military or civilian application can use to validate that it works for their application. HPQ’s affiliated company in France filed a patent for an autonomous low carbon footprint on demand pressurized hydrogen production system. A key point is no electricity is required. It is truly an autonomous system that is going to change the way hydrogen can be produced. What makes this system really unique is that instead of having an electrolyzer that extracts the hydrogen from the water, HPQ uses non-hazardous materials to chemically react with the water and generate the hydrogen. What is fundamentally even more exciting about this technology is that the hydrogen produced will be under pressures presently used by commercial applications. So not only can it fabricate the hydrogen on demand autonomously, it will be able to furnish the hydrogen in a way that the industry is capable of using – essentially having the ability to have pressurized hydrogen wherever one needs in the world. One of the application for the military is to instantaneously generate hydrogen in the battlefield on demand, the demand for hydrogen powered equipment in the battlefield will increase. Forward-looking, this technology will not only be the most efficient, safest way of producing hydrogen, but it will be probably be the cheapest way of delivering hydrogen on demand anywhere.

In-short, HPQ needs QIMC’s feed in order to satisfy its clients and partners that it can deliver product, QIMC has proven quality feedstock that is the lifeblood of HPQ and QIMC's assets are in HPQ's homebase jurisdiction.


QIMC is only a few years old, it was originally created specifically twofold; 1) to position as a primary source of silica (which it has concentrated on first), and 2) to work in the technology related side. With its access to quality silica assets, the basic building-block needed to capitalize on technological opportunity, QIMC can leverage its assets and relationships to innovate and expand into its own value-added technology related ventures down the road.


Recent news headlines from Québec Innovative Materials Corp.:


● January 10, 2024 -- "QI Materials Update on Roncevaux Silica Property Exploration"


● December 20, 2023 -- "QI Materials Receives Order From HPQ Silicon Inc."


● December 12, 2023 -- "QI Materials Confirms High Grade Silica Purity over 99.5% at the River Valley Silica Project"


● November 28, 2023 -- "QI Materials Announces 2024 Strategy and Finalizes Right of First Refusal Agreement with HPQ Silicon Inc."


● November 15, 2023 -- "QI Materials Announces Newly Discovered Zone at the Charlevoix Silica Project"


● October 24, 2023 -- "Qi Materials Starts Preliminary Modelling of High-grade Silica Projects"


● October 11, 2023 -- "QI Materials Procures OptiSim Mining Solutions for Engineering and Production Services"


● October 4, 2023 -- "QI Materials Receives Permit to Expand Work at Charlevoix"


● September 20, 2023 -- "QI Materials Delivers Additional Samples to HPQ Silicon Inc."


● September 14, 2023 -- "QI Materials to Mobilize Crew to River Valley and List on the Frankfurt Exchange"


● September 7, 2023 -- "Qi Materials Acquires River Valley Silica Property And Announces New Chairman"


● August 29, 2023 -- "QIMC announces assays over 99% SiO2 from newly discovered zones at the Charlevoix Silica project"


● July 26, 2023 -- "QI Materials Announces Program on Highly Prospective Silica and Dolomite at its Ville Marie Property"


● June 29, 2023 -- "QI Materials Provides Pilot Plant Update"


● May 31, 2023 -- "QIMC Mobilizes Pilot Plant and Begins 2023 Exploration"


● April 26, 2023 -- "QI Materials Reports High-Grade Results from Channel Sampling"


● March 14, 2023 -- "QIMC Contributes to HPQ Silicon Battery Initiative"


Below is an summary of QIMC's key silica assets:


1) River Valley Silica Project - 100%-owned

Located in the Sudbury mining division, near River Valley, Ontario, Canada


This project was recently acquired September-2023 (click here for related news release). This is a remarkably good project, news flow should be steady from QIMC as it is quickly advances toward large-scale operational quartz/silica quarry status.


Progress / Development Update on River Valley:

See related October 24, 2023 news release "Qi Materials Starts Preliminary Modelling of High-grade Silica Projects"; The QI Materials field team has completed the first pass of field exploration and development work on the Company’s wholly owned River Valley Silica project, located in the Sudbury mining division of Ontario, Canada. The Company is now processing the data and commencing preliminary modelling and quarry designs.

The following figures depict examples of the visually highly pure quartz samples recovered from the quartz vein:



Figure 3 a. (above) - Visual high purity quartz samples from River Valley Project quartz vein (source: October 24, 2023 corporate update news release).



Figure 3 b. (above) - Quartz outcrops with technicians performing detailed topographic survey (source: October 24, 2023 corporate update news release).

The QI Materials team performed a variety of work scopes in the advancement of this project which included:

  • Establishment of access

  • Detailed topographic survey of the silica formation

  • Quartz outcrop stripping and cleaning

  • Detailed geological mapping, sampling, and channel sampling

  • Sample collection for metallurgical and other analysis

  • Sample collection for testing with the QI Materials’ pilot plant

The Company also performed a site visit with the engineering team from OptiSim Mining Solutions, of Sudbury, Ontario (See news release Oct-11-2023) for the purpose of preliminary quarry design, engineering, and permitting.



Figure 4. Key mapped quartzite surface expression from historical report (*historical reports: PDF-2019 & PDF-2004)


The River Valley Silica Project is host to a high purity quartz vein. Publically available historical* purity results and mapping indicate that the quartz vein is up 99.9% pure SiO2. Historical* mapping indicates that the quartz vein is over 300m long and over 40m wide.



Figure 5. (above) Historical Results; enlarged image of SiO2 section from lab assay table results from the 2019 report. Site visit by professional geologist Raymond Wladichuk, CEO of Qi Materials, confirms that these historical reports appear to be accurate;


Excerpt from December 12, 2023 news release "QI Materials Confirms High Grade Silica Purity over 99.5% at the River Valley Silica Project"; In October 2023, the QI Materials field team collected roughly 75 channel samples from surface exposure. As shown on the attached Table 1, 19 of the samples collected are over 99% pure SiO2, with the highest being 99.52% and, the average across the sample set being 98.72% SiO2. It is expected that a degree of contamination from surface contamination (surface water infiltrating cracks and fractures, oxidation, and surface debris) is likely affecting these results.


Figure 6. (above) Location Map of River Valley Silica Property with inset claims map (different scale) -- 65 kilometres north east (as the crow flies) from the world-class mining camp of Sudbury, Ontario. It is easily accessed by existing road infrastructure, and a short trip to the River Valley network of rail transfer stations. The Property covers an area of approximately 47 hectares.


------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


2) Charlevoix Silica Project - 100%-owned

Located near Clermont, Québec, Canada




  Figure 7. (above) Location Map.




Figure 8. (above) Map of Charlevoix Silica Project showing zones -- The new Zones 3, 4, 5, & 6 are 100% located outside the hunting and fishing zec, thus large-scale permitting is no different than neighbour Sitec Mine, just across the highway, which is the largest employer in this mining-friendly region. Sitec quarries high-end quartz countertop material and has operated for over 50 years.



Figure 9 a & b. (above) Aerial photograph of the Charlevoix Silica Project Main Zone 1.


In the summer and fall of 2022, the Company stripped the overburden off the Main Zone silica outcrop (Figure 1). A series of 16 channels were cut across the stratigraphy and sampled at one (1) metre long intervals as seen in Figure 2. Approximately 50% of the channel samples were sent to ALS Global for purity analysis, the remaining samples were delivered to the Institute National Research Scientifique (INRS) in Québec City for further analysis. The results of the purity analysis suggest that the majority of the Main Zone outcrop is comprised of high-grade silica, returning an average grade of 98%, with purity ranging as high a 99.88% SiO2; see related April 26, 2023 news release entitled "QI Materials Reports High-Grade Results from Channel Sampling".


New Zones (3, 4, 5, & 6) on Charlevoix Silica Project


See related August 29, 2023 news release "QI Materials Announces Assays over 99% SiO2 from Newly Discovered Zones at the Charlevoix Silica Project"; The QI Materials field team's mapping and prospecting efforts have led to the discovery of newly found quartzite outcroppings with remarkably high purity grade. The new zones currently named zones 3, 4, and 5 occur approximately one kilometre northeast of zones 1 and 2. According to SIGEOM, the ministry of Quebec's public natural resources database, the new zones are located outside of the Zec des MartresSeven (7) samples were delivered to ALS Global's lab in Val d'Or, Québec where they underwent purity analysis. These samples were selected from various locations on the outcrops and averaged over 98% SiO2 ranging from 97% to over 99%:


X370201 97.95 0.76 0.66 0.02 0.05 0.02 0.21 99.81
X370202 97.04 1.19 0.52 0.02 0.04 0.16 -0.02 99.74
X370203 98.12 0.50 0.70 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 -0.09 99.43
X370204 98.52 0.54 0.87 <0.01 <0.01 0.01 0.04 100.05
X370205 97.56 0.97 0.83 0.03 0.08 0.20 -0.05 100.10
X370206 98.76 0.25 0.65 <0.01 0.01 <0.01 -0.08 99.74
X370207 99.07 0.16 0.66 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 -0.06 99.89


Table 1. (above) Assay results from new zones.



Figure 10a&b. (above) Photos of Quartzite Samples from New Zone -- The majority of the samples collected from the new zones are of beautiful, clear, near-crystalline quartzite.




Figure 11 a & b. (above) Photos of quartzite from zone 4 & 5



Figure 12. a (above) Vertical wall of quartzite, new zone Charlevoix


Figure 12. b  Quartzite, new zone Charlevoix



Figure 13. Translucent quartzite, new zone Charlevoix


Figure 14. Photos of a portion of zone 6 quartzite outcrop



Progress / Update on Charlevoix:


See related October 24, 2023 news release "Qi Materials Starts Preliminary Modelling of High-grade Silica Projects"; The QI Materials team is currently at the Charlevoix Silica Project completing the final field work of the season. The team is following up on the newly discovered high grade zones announced in August 2023 (See news release). The scope of this program includes:

  • Establishing access to the new high-grade zones

  • Detailed geological mapping and sampling

  • Quartzite outcrop stripping and cleaning

  • Channel sampling

  • Exploration and prospecting to trace out the surface expression of the quartzite formation

  • Sample collection for metallurgical and other analysis

  • Sample collection for testing with the QI Materals’ pilot plant

------ ------ ------


3) Ville Marie Property, Québec - 100%-owned - check back later for update on this project.


------ ------ ------


4) Roncevaux Silica Property, Québec - See January 10, 2024 news announcement "QI Materials Update on Roncevaux Silica Property Exploration".


Excerpt from January 10, 2024 news release:


QI Materials Update on Roncevaux Silica Property Exploration


Lachute, Québec--(Newsfile Corp. - January 10, 2024) - Québec Innovative Materials Corp. (CSE: QIMC) (FSE: 7FJ) ("QI Materials", "QIMC", or the "Company") provides an update on the Roncevaux Silica Property.

As disclosed in the Company's August 31, 2022 news release, Qi Materials acquired mineral claims from HPQ Silicon Inc. (HPQ"), including the Roncevaux Silica Property. The Qi Materials team performed a recent site visit to the property in late October 2023.

"We would like to thank our partner HPQ for this opportunity to further develop this asset and meet their growing high grade silica demand," stated John Karagiannidis, Executive Chairman.

Roncevaux Silica Property
The Ronceveux Silica Property consists of a high purity quartz vein located in southern Quebec, approximately 50km from Amqui, Quebec, as shown on Figure 1. The property consists of 27 mineral claims totalling 1570 hectares. Samples were collected by means of existing trenches found on the property. The quartz vein is estimated to potentially be over 300m long with the width being unknown but likely 10's of metres wide (as suggested by historical work and reports).

"We believe this is another significant addition to our growing high grade silica Quebec portfolio," stated Raymond Wladichuk, CEO.

Historical work conducted by HPQ Silicon Inc. indicates that the purity of the quartz vein is as high as 99.8% SiO2. HPQ conducted testing on the quartz material from this property and concluded that it was able to be converted to silicon metal by means of their patented processes.

The recent samples collected by the Qi Materials field team indicate that visually, this appears to be accurate (Photos in Figure 2 below). Tens of kilograms of samples have been collected for testing and analysis by the Company.



Figure 1 — Roncevaux property location, southern Quebec.

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:


Figure 2 — Roncevaux high grade silica samples.

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

The author of one of the historical reports acquired by means of SIGEOM (the Quebec government's publicly available geoscience database) provides an estimated tonnage of over 400,000 tonnes of quartz material (if extrapolated to a depth of 50m) (this is a non-43-101 compliant estimate and extracted from publically available data such as historical assessment reports, prospecting reports, etc.).

Please be advised that a qualified person has not completed sufficient work to classify any mineral resources as defined by National Instrument (NI) 43-101; it is therefore uncertain if future exploration will result in the delineation of mineral resources.  ...

... click here for full copy from source

------ ------ ------


 Content found herein is not investment advice see Terms of Use, Disclosure & Disclaimer

------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------

Québec Innovative Materials' Management, and Governance  Skip to top

The current management team and board of directors has a well rounded combination of people that each contribute expertise in disciplines necessary for a successful mining entity:


Raymond Wladichuk, P.Geo – CEO

Mr. Wladichuk is a Professional Geoscientist as well as a technical and managerial consultant in the natural resource, engineering, and construction industries. He has held executive and director positions for a number of publicly-traded resource companies. He is the principal of Waldo Sciences Inc., a science and engineering consulting company, headquartered in the North Okanagan, BC, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Science in earth sciences and a graduate diploma in business administration.


John Karagiannidis – Chairman and Director

Mr. Karagiannidis was born and raised in Montréal, Québec, and has been involved in over 300 transactions involving emerging private and public companies with a total value in excess of $2 billion. Mr. Karagiannidis is currently a dealing representative at EMD Financial. Prior to EMD Mr. Karagiannidis worked at Marquest Capital Markets, Industrial Alliance Securities, and Desjardins Securities. Mr. Karagiannidis is an MBA graduate of the Ivey Business School (University of Western Ontario), LL.B from the University of Montréal and is a member of the Québec Bar Association.


Patrick Levasseur – Director

Patrick has over 10 years of experience as an Investment Executive with various notable Canadian Securities firms (ScotiaMcLeod, Research Capital, Laurentian Bank Securities). Mr. Levasseur is currently the chairman, CEO and president of BGF and an independent director of HPQ and owner of Ice Age Gold, a mineral prospecting company.


Lisa Thompson – Director

Lisa Thompson brings over 20 years of experience as a corporate/securities paralegal, working with both large and small public companies listed for trading on US and Canadian stock exchanges. For the past 5 years, Ms. Thompson has provided corporate secretarial consulting services for US and Canadian companies. Lisa has also served on various non-profit boards and committees and is a member of the BC Paralegal Association. She is a co-founder of Meraki Corporate Services in Vancouver, BC.


Hani Zabaneh – Director

Mr. Zabaneh is a seasoned consultant specializing in growth funding, mergers, and acquisitions, and transitioning companies to public markets. For over 20 years, Mr. Zabaneh has held both officer and board positions in numerous public companies including Summa Silver Corp., Blue Gold Mining, Auryn Resources, and Sigma Lithium Resources Corporation. Mr. Zabaneh currently serves on several boards of public companies. Previously, Mr. Zabaneh was a principal at Orange Capital Corp, a boutique investment bank located in Vancouver, BC. He was also Vice President of Corporate Development at Eventbase Technology Inc., where he was instrumental in helping the company secure Series A financing from a US-based VC.


Ming Jang – Director

Ming Jang is a professional accountant with over 25 years of experience in senior financial management roles across various sectors, including mining, nonprofit organizations, and the medical wellness industry. He has successfully executed several companies public listings, including Numinus Wellness Inc. and most recently, Adaptogenics Health Corp. Mr. Jang currently serves as a financial consultant to various private and publicly listed companies, providing robust financial management and oversight in the structuring and implementation of financial and regulatory processes.


------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


Note: This article is not intended to be a complete overview of Québec Innovative Materials Corp. or a complete listing of Québec Innovative Materials' projects. Mining MarketWatch urges the reader to contact the subject company and has identified the following sources for information:


For more information contact Québec Innovative Materials head office at: PH +1-514-358-8840


Company's web site: www.qimaterials.com   SEDAR Filings: URL

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