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Feature article July 5, 2019:


Sonoro on pathway to 1 million Oz Gold in Mexico, and heap-leachable oxide open pit operation


Sonoro Metals Corp. (SMO.V) offers an ideal vehicle for investors seeking exposure to precious metals as the Company rapidly builds intrinsic value with near-term production potential.


  Sonoro Metals Corp.

   (TSX-V: SMO) (US Listing: SMOFF) (F: 23SP)


Share data, Capitalization, & Corporate info


 Shares Outstanding:  ~35 million*

 (*this will increase by ~4.167M with recently announced $750K PP)

 Fully Diluted:  ~44.6 million 

 Recently Traded: ~CDN$0.19/share (TSX-V: SMO)

 52 Week High/Low: $0.20/ 0.07

 Current Market Capitalization: ~$6.7 million Canadian

 Corporate Website: www.sonorometals.com


  • Highly-accomplished management team known for maximizing shareholder value, and skilled technical leadership.

Noteworthy recent coverage of Sonoro Metals Corp.:


• Q2-2019 Kaiser Research issued a bullish 'Bottom-Fish Spec Value' rating.

• Q1-2019 review [PDF] of John Darch's involvement in Sonoro Metals.

• View interview of Sonoro's Chairman John Darch at PDAC [13 min. 25 sec.].

• Interview & recommendation by Greg McCoach of The Mining Speculator.



Valuation Commentary: Sonoro Metals Corp. (TSX-V: SMO) (US Listing: SMOFF) (Frankfurt: 23SP) is aiming to release a first-pass/maiden resource this Summer-2019 on its flagship Cerro Caliche Gold Project in Sonora State Mexico, located 3 hrs north of Hermosillo, 3 hrs south of Tucson, AZ USA, along the prolific Sonora-Mojave Megashear, between Agnico Eagle and GoldGroup's open pit mines. The coming maiden resource (only weeks away) is expected to have both Inferred and Indicated categories, and be meaningful enough to attract market attention. The Company is already planning an aggressive ~7,000 m 'Phase 3' drill program with the goal of establishing a resource exceeding 1,000,000 oz of gold before mid-2020. The management team is considering a number of different scenarios and interesting offers, including a non-recourse gold-backed debt financing arrangement for an open-pit heap leach pilot plant operation to generate income, cash flow the bigger picture, and minimize dilution. Investors can look forward to multiple news catalysts playing out over the next few months as the Cerro Caliche Gold Project advances.


Fig 1. (below) -- Location map of all three of Sonora Metals' assets, all located in Sonora State. The entire area around Cerro Caliche (and San Marcial) share the same Sonora-Mojave Megashear, with southeast-northwest vein structures throughout, and disseminated Au-Ag between.



Sonoro Metals Corp.'s management team is highly-accomplished, and its geological team is dialed-in on the gold at Cerro Caliche.  Melvin Hendrick, P.Geo is Sonoro's V.P. of Exploration, he has nearly half a century of experience under his belt, including Chief Geologist for Phelps Dodge, and VP Exploration for Pediment Gold Corp., bought by Argonaut in 2011 (click here to see historic chart of Pediment Gold and how well early investors made out under Mel's exploration prowess), he and his team have an impressive track record in mineral discovery (see CV's at bottom of this article).


Anyone that has been around the resource sector for a while will know the reputation of John Darch (Sonoro's Chairman & Director), and Kenneth MacLeod (President, CEO, & Director);


John Darch headed Asia Pacific which identified, explored and developed one of the world’s largest potash deposits located in Thailand (and lowest cost too, click here for related historic chart of Asia Pacific Resources, bought out by Italia Thai), he also headed Crew Development Corp. in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s until it was taken over (from pennies to $4+/share). The Sonoro strategy is the same as Crew; (a) secure revenue, (b) secure development properties, and (c) new exploration. John Darch was also heavily involved with Botswana Diamondfields whose stock exceeded $6/share, and Nevada Goldfields ($8+/share).


Ken MacLeod is well know as a financier over the last 35 years in the oil, gas, mining, and energy sectors. The last big project he worked on was Western GeoPower Corp. in California, that company was bought-out, he then set up a company to advance renewable energy projects in the Philippines that included a 600 MW dam, and that company was sold to a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation in 2014. Ken MacLeod now has his focus on adding shareholder value in Sonoro Metals Corp.


Sonoro’s Operations Manager, Jorge Diaz, has a long history as both a mining and metallurgical engineer. Jorge is well known for leading the development, construction and operation of numerous major mines throughout northern Mexico. Similar to his leadership in the successful development of giant mines like Alamos Gold’s Mulatos mine and Argonaut Gold’s La Colorada mine, Jorge is leading the development of Sonoro's Cerro Caliche pilot operation. Jorge’s experience in building mines adds to Sonoro’s confidence that Cerro Caliche has the potential to relatively quickly become a significant cash-flowing asset for Sonoro.


Rapidly building bulk tonnage gold ounces in a proven jurisdiction:

Sonora State is a low-risk mining-friendly jurisdiction with exceptional infrastructure, responsible for 24% of Mexico's gold output. The neighboring landscape surrounding SMO.V's Cerro Caliche Gold Project is dotted with numerous low-grade bulk tonnage open pit mines (highly-profitable low opex operations with many currently operating in the mid-USD$700/oz to mid-USD$800/oz gold range). These are essentially giant earth-moving projects.


Near-term heap-leachable oxide deposit open pit gold mining scenario developing at SMO.V's Cerro Caliche Gold Project:


SMO.V's Cerro Caliche Gold Project is advanced-stage drilling-wise, in total (current and historical to date) that is more than 20,000 m drilling. Sonoro Metals has two drill programs (10,328 meters over 96 holes, and ~6,000 samples) under its belt now, plus there were 3  past operators on the property (the last two operators ran out of money) and SMO.V is fortunate to have inherited 43-101 compliant data on 116 holes and ~3,600 samples (~$3 million worth in exploration) from them.



Figure 2. (above) -- Central Zones of the Cerro Caliche Gold Project.


Southeast-Northwest trending vein structures litter the area, with disseminated gold between the gold structures. To date SMO.V has identified 17 mineralized clusters/zones on the Cerro Caliche property. The majority of drilling to date is concentrated on the central zones of Japoneses, Cuervos, and Abejas, and western central zones of Cabeza Blanca, Guadalupe, and El Colorado. The yellow shaded areas in the image above are the more advanced work areas, the Japoneses zone is most advanced with close spacing drill holes and is where the indicated resource is expected in the upcoming first-pass/maiden resource. The average grade of the resource is expected to be in the 0.5 to 0.6 g/t gold range.


Much of the mineralization begins at or near the surface. This reality makes it all the more reasonable to anticipate the development of a large tonnage, open pit, oxide deposit, amenable to a heap leaching operation, much like several neighboring mines with similar grades that are in operation in the region. Every single one of the holes that Sonoro has drilled on the property is mineralized, and all are oxide (apart from 2 holes in the far eastern section of Abejas), which will help make for an uncomplicated heap leach pad operation. Sonoro appears close to matters materializing quickly that may see a small heap leach pad plant operation in the ~20,000 gold oz/annum range.


A second pit zone appears developing well in the Cabeza/El Colorado zone area (the grades in this area are higher, in the 0.6 to 0.7 g/t range). Low-grade is of no concern to sophisticated investors familiar with bulk tonnage operations in this area, they are proven low opex earth-moving beasts. At Cerro Caliche, on a small (pilot plant) basis, mining material extraction costs will probably run ~$8/t, and on a longer-term basis that should come down to ~$6/t.


Pilot Plant Operation Initiative: There's now groups courting SMO.V to forward sell gold and Sonoro is fielding discussion regarding non-dilutive options to advance the project to production, expand the resource >1M oz gold, plus advance blue sky sections. The Company has plans for a Heap Leach Pilot Operation (HLPO), and has engaged the geological engineering firm Geo Digital Imaging de Mexicoan (GDI) to develop preliminary studies. Using data to date and GDI's block model, SMO.V's team has conducted sensitivity analysis for a range of costs and metallurgical Au recoveries, generating several possible pit geometries with their associated stripping ratios, ore, waste haul roads, waste and process sites, pad size requirements and associated infrastructure location.


One part of the Pilot Operation initiative is a gold-backed debt financing projected to close following the completion of a NI 43-101 pre-feasibility study - likely by October 2019. To advance this key part of the initiative, Sonoro has agreed to meet in China with numerous gold-centric investors the week of July 22nd. These investors consist of individuals and corporations and their principal interest is to invest in a non-recourse gold-backed loan to be repaid from the pilot operation in bullion.


Synopsis of Sonoro's Strategy for success:


Sonoro’s executives have taken their decades of experience to identify, acquire and develop what they expect will become two major gold assets: the Cerro Caliche and San Marcial projects (see overview of that project further below). The Company's clearly defined strategy for success consists of three parts:

i. Design, develop and as quickly as practical, commence income-generating pilot production at Cerro Caliche so that the need for future equity financings is reduced or eliminated entirely;

ii. Simultaneous to the pilot operation, our focus remains outlining the potential for plus-million ounce gold resources at both the Cerro Caliche and later at San Marcial to a level where they can either be:

  (a) sold (likely to one of the area's gold producers with near-exhausted gold deposits), or
  (b) put into commercial production with a Joint Venture partner;

iii. Add to the company’s portfolio of high impact prospects for future exploration and development, thus ensuring Sonoro is positioned for significant growth in the longer term.

Unlike many junior mining companies, Sonoro Metals has a clear vision and roadmap forward. It is one which should excel spectacularly should it be successful in commencing pilot operations and consequently able to use the resulting cash flow to leverage its ability to acquire quality assets, while it fully develops the Cerro Caliche and San Marcial projects.



SMO.V currently has a market cap of ~C$7 million (only ~35 million shares outstanding trading at ~$0.19/share, ~44.6M fully diluted), miniscule compared to the gold ounces it is building. A recently announced private placement of $750,000 is expected to add ~4.167M shares outstanding, this will carry the Company through to the release of its resource calculation, at which time the share price is apt to trade higher. The share price of SMO.V appears poised for upside revaluation as the market better understands and appreciates the Company's plan to continue to rapidly grow intrinsic value in the ground and add shareholder value, while keeping the shares outstanding to a minimum. After the coming first-pass resource, the Company will probably only need ~$1.4M to get itself to mid-2020 and issue a second resource calculation which has very real possibility to touch 1M oz Gold at Cerro Caliche -- at that point SMO.V will likely attract major attention that should put a smile on investors.


SMO.V retains 1% Net Smelter Royalty (NSR) on a project it recently sold; consider it 'money in the bank': Sonora Metals' initial qualifying transaction as a mining entity was on its nearby Chipriona Gold Project which it has since sold to neighbor Agnico Eagle, flipping for a quick $4 million back in 2017. SMO.V still retains a 1% NSR which is expected to eventually be bought-out for $1.5M (a production decision could flow from AEM when they finish metallurgy testing at the new ore they are getting into at their La India open pit, the new ore appears more similar to Chipriona). In 2017 Sonoro turned its attention to advance the Cerro Caliche Gold Project.


------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


A closer look at SMO.V's Projects in Sonora State, Mexico:



Figure 3. (above) map of Senora State, Mexico with location of SMO.V's assets, and location of neighboring mines of significance noted. The neighbourhood fairly prolific;

  • Right next door to SMO.V' Cerro Caliche is is the Cerro Prieto open pit mine of GoldGroup, they have been mining it for ~6 years.

  • Immediately to the north of Cerro Caliche is Agnico Eagle's (AEM) Santa Gertrudis property which was the site of historic heap-leach operations that produced approximately 565,000 ounces of gold from ore between 1991 and 2000, AEM is looking at reopening Santa Gertrudis as it has a new resource there which it recently purchased.

  • 10 km to the southeast of Cerro Caliche is Premier Gold's Mercedes mine (which is on strike with SMO.V's Cerro Caliche).



     • 8th Global Gold Producer.
     • 1st Global Silver Producer.

  Sonora State
     • 500 Years of Mining History.
     • Low Political Risk Jurisdiction.

  Sonora-Mojave Megashear
     • Sonoro’s Cerro Caliche & San Marcial Projects.
     • 10 Moz. of Gold Produced.
     • 25 Moz. of Gold Resources Remain.

  Sierra Madre Gold Belt
     • Agnico’s Chipriona Project (Sonoro holds 1% NSR).
     • 1,300 km long epithermal belt.
     • Rich Precious Metal Region.
     • Over 40 Moz. of Gold & 2 Boz. of Silver Produced.
     • 500 x 50 km Regional-Scale System of Faults & Shears.
     • Excellent Infrastructure.
     • 24% of Mexico’s Gold Output.
     • 10.7% of State’s GDP from Mining.
     • 1.36 Moz. Gold Production (2017).
     • 14.4 Moz. Silver Production (2017).

------ ------ ------      ------- ------- ------      ------ ------ ------
Cerro Caliche Gold Project -- 1,400 hectares of concessions

     • 3 hrs north of Hermosillo.
     • 3 hrs south of Tucson, AZ.
     • Sonora-Cucurpe Gold Mega-district.

  Gold Mining District
     • Premier Gold’s Mercedes gold mine.
     • Goldgroup’s Cerro Prieto open-pit gold mine.
     • Agnico Eagle’s Santa Gertrudis gold project.

     • Options to acquire 100% interest.
     • Total mineralized potential of 14 km2.
     • 10,000-meter drilling program nearing completion.
     • Confirmed 17 mineralized clusters to date.
     • Potential for large tonnage, open pit, heap-leach, gold deposit with low strip ratio.

     • Epithermal, low sulfidation.
     • Epithermal mineralized dikes and rocks.
     • Mesothermal Carlin-type gold mineralization.
Listing of other deposits in the area, for comparative purposes:



Table 1. (above) - Comparative area deposits -- What will Cerro Caliche be worth when it demonstrates size? It is difficult to compare deposits, and compare what they were sold for per ounce, since there are so many variables and extraneous factors. These are giant earth moving operations, many mine profitably down to near 0.1 g/t. (SMO.V will probably use a 0.15 cut-off in its resources). The Santa Getrudis property immediately to the north of Cerro Caliche was acquired by Agnico Eagle from GoGold in November 2017 for USD$80M plus USD$12M to buy the royalty (~CDN$125M total was the sale price for Santa Gertrudis) -- at the time GoGold has demonstrated ~1M oz gold grading ~1 g/t -- now compare that to the central gold zones of Cerro Caliche and the fact it appears SMO.V will likely eventually demonstrate ~1M oz at ~0.5 g/t in the main central west area of zones and ~500K oz in the main central east (Cabeza/El Colorado zone area) at 0.6 to 0.7 g/t... now discount for the grade differential (compared to what GoGold had and was offered) -- certainly it can be said that if you look at SMO.V's current market cap, it appears SMO.V should see appreciation when it demonstrates the value at the property.


Click here for a Q2-2019 compiled PDF list that summarizes acquisitions and mergers of similar type deposits that have occurred over the last several years. The document also summarizes the precious metals explorers and producers operating in Senora State that are listed on the TSX and TSX Venture.


Cerro Caliche claim map



Figure 4. (above) -- Cerro Caliche Gold Project claim map showing mineralized zones.



Figure 5. (above) Cerro Caliche Gold Project topographical claims map showing mineralized zones.


Historic workings on Cerro Caliche Gold Project



Figure 6. (above) -- Evidence of historic mining, historic high-grading of veins, on Cerro Caliche Gold Project


COST OF DRILLING - SQUEEZING EVERY DOLLAR: Sonoro's drilling is done on a tight efficient budget; the costs all-in, including the drilling, assays, site prep, road prep, support staff, and sampling is ~CDN$100 per metre. It also helps that the mineralization is fairly close to surface; the average depth of the Japoneses zone drilling is 110 m. Internally, the Company has been able to keep costs down; SMO.V set up a lab in Magdalena, which is ~45 minute drive from the property, and is able to do tests for a fraction of the cost. The lab is set up for column leach testing, bottle roll testing, and the Company can do assays. Obviously any compliant official results the Company wants to rely upon or announce will also be taken to Chemex (outside 3rd party service) for verification.


Recent drilling on Cerro Caliche Gold Project


2018-19 Sonoro Exploration
    • 10,328 meters drill program over 96 holes
    • Initiated September 2018, completed in early summer-2019.
    • 6,200+ surface samples.


NOTE: The 2019 Phase two drilling program of 10,000 m RC drilling is nearing completion.
    • Defined new mineralized clusters.
    • Infill drilling to expand mineralization.
    • Infill drilling to define resource.
    • Investigate deeper potential.

2007-2011 Exploration
    • Prior Operators.
    • 116 holes drilled.
    • 12,442 meters drilled.
    • 4,000+ surface samples.

Combined Exploration
    • 196 holes drilled.
    • 21,238 meters drilled.
    • 10,200+ surface samples.


Upcoming Technical Studies
    • NI 43-101 Phase 1 technical report.
    • Mining resource study for pilot plant.

Metallurgical Testing
    • Bottle roll testing of drilled zones.
    • Column leach testing of drilled zones.


Sonoro Metals Corp. has encountered quality swaths of mineralization, ideal for bulk tonnage open pit operations.



Figure 7. & Table 2. (above) -- map showing mineralized 8 gold mineralized zones (Las Japoneses, Cabeza Blanca, Cuervos, Abejas, El Colorado, Guadalupe, El Quince, Chinos), and Table 2 shows selected results from 2018 drill program. Click here for a complete listing of intercepts from the first 80 holes that Sonoro Metals drilled on Cerro Caliche. Every hole is documented on Sonoro's corporate website, GPS, azimuth, dip, etc.... anyone with an understanding of geological intercepts will appreciate how voluminously well mineralized this deposit is throughout.


Selected Assay Results from the 2018 Phase One Drilling Highlights from some central zones:

El Colorado
    • 12.19 meters @11.3 g/t AuEq
    • 4.57 meters @4.69 g/t AuEq

Cabeza Blanca
    • 12.19 meters @0.95 g/t AuEq

    • 22.86 meters @0.77 g/t AuEq


Selected Assay Results from the 2019 Phase Two Drilling Highlights from some central zones:

    • 15.24 metres @0.56 g/t AuEq
    • 6.1 metres @0.47 g/t AuEq

Buena Suerte
    • 10.67 metres @1.06 g/t AuEq
    • 10.67 metres @0.74 g/t AuEq
    • 12.2 metres @0.51 g/t AuEq

Las Japoneses
    • 3.04 metres @2.11 g/t Au/Eq
    • 9.15 metres @1.26 g/t AuEq
    • 27.44 meters @0.95 g/t AuEq

La Espanola
    • 3.05 metres @6.18 g/t Au/Eq


Table 3. (below) of selected 2019 Phase 2 drill results:



Figure 8. (above) -- Intersects and mineralization of Cerro Caliche Gold Project central zones. The upcoming 43-101 resource is well underway and SMO.V is updating data now that the last of the Phase 2 drill campaign is in. The geological team was drilling extensively in what will likely be the pit cone, in the Japoneses zone.


Results from the last 15 holes of the Phase 2 drill campaign may be seen here, highlights include:

   • Infill hole SCR-094 returned 1.154 g/t AuEq over 12.19 m in NW end of Japoneses zone.
   • Infill hole SCR-095 returned 0.791 g/t AuEq over 19.81 m in north end of Japoneses zone.
   • Infill hole SCR-089 returned 0.657 g/t AuEq over 22.86 m in Chinos NW zone.
   • Infill hole SCR-083 returned 0.747 g/t Au Eq over 22.86 m in west side of Japoneses zone.
   • Infill hole SCR-084 returned 0.704 g/t AuEq over 15.24 m in north Japoneses zone.


In the Phase 2 drill campaign, the geological team performed the following:

   • Infill drilling at Japoneses, Chinos NW, Abejas & Cuervos.
   • Infill drilling at El Colorado.
   • Stepout drilling at Buena Suerte.
   • Drill additional mineralized zones.
   • Investigate deeper potential.

------ ------ ------      ------- ------- ------      ------ ------ ------


Demonstrating Blue-sky Potential at Cerro Caliche



Figure 9. (above) -- Zones at Cerro Caliche Gold Project, seen in blue are the areas that have received only 1 to a few drill holes and show immense potential.


In the recent round of drilling the geological team conducted some scout drilling (very big step-out drilling), going 1.25 km NW of the current known mineralization and hit quality intercepts (see April 29, 2019 "Sonoro Confirms New and Expanded Mineralized Zones at Cerro Caliche"), further affirming blue sky potential of the project.


Besides all the yellow shaded zones expanding, the geological team sees blue sky potential in a number of extremely intriguing zones (here is just a sampling):


A) All the blue shaded areas are ripe for exploration expansion.


B) Chinos Altos is theorized to be an extension of Chinos NW.


C) Japoneses and Abejas, it is theorized they will be connected.


D) La Espanola (historic mine area) is ripe for exploration discovery of significance. The historic gold mine in this area has very telling signs; there is a waste rock dump with visible gold in it. Back ~100 years ago it was high-graded (likely not taking anything under 10 g/t), they were just mining the vein zone and leaving all the stockwork and veinlets, they were taking the ore and sending it down the valley to a refinery by burrow. Sonoro Metals just finished (this 2019) building a road leading from La Espanola and had opportunity to conduct a lot of sampling in the process.


Four New Mineralized Zones

1. El Rincon
   • 1.25 km NW of Japoneses & Abejas Zones.
   • Vein & disseminated gold intervals.

      • 10.67 metres @0.744 g/t AuEq.
      • 4.57 metres @1.29 g/t AuEq.

2. Veta de Oro
   • On strike 300 m NW of Abejas Zone -- Now Sonoro Metals needs to connect the dots and show the two zones are connected.
   • 2 higher-grade gold & silver intercepts.

      • 10.67 metres @2.728 g/t AuEq.
      • 6.09 metres @4.35 g/t AuEq.
      • 7.14 metres @2.094 g/t AuEq.
      • 3.05 metres @5.484 g/t AuEq.

3. Gloria
   • On strike 1.25 km NW of Japoneses Zone.
   • 4 holes w/gold mineralized zones.

4. El Boludito
   • On strike 200 m NW of Japoneses Zone.
   • Stockwork style gold mineralization.

------ ------ ------      ------- ------- ------      ------ ------ ------


How a 'forward gold sale'/'gold loan' arrangement would work for Sonoro Metals corp.


In February-2019 SMO.V announced it was entertaining a deal with a group from Singapore that the Company may forward sell gold from a predefined section of the upcoming resource, legally define the space encompassing say a 50,000 or 70,000 Oz Gold Indicated section. Put that section into a separate Company and do a gold loan, whereby debt is provided, secured by a bond, the bond is secured by the gold in the ground, the lender gets paid in gold, and the arrangement DOES NOT interfere with the equity of Sonoro Metals Corp. at all -- thus no dilution. The arrangement would be strictly non-recourse (meaning SMO.V is not responsible for the debt), and is only applicable to that legally defined zone. Unlike some gold streaming deals that tie up an entire project for ever, even as it grows, this is not the case here. Both the President and Chairman of Sonoro Metals Corp. have strong histories of negotiating successful financings that create a win-win scenario, this is the case here.


The situation on the ground is developing quickly and SMO.V could be looking at a much larger pit now than it initially was, when first discussing the possibility with the Singapore group. SMO.V might be looking now at ~1.5 km diameter pit and seeking larger Heap Leach Pilot Operation. Plus a second pit zone appears to be developing.


------ ------ ------      ------- ------- ------      ------ ------ ------

H2-2019 Priorities for SMO.V at Cerro Caliche


  • Finalize NI 43-101 technical report for Phases 1 & 2 drilling.
  • Define initial gold resource at Phase 1 & 2 drilled areas.
  • Conduct metallurgical testing.
  • Commence Phase 3 drill program for additional 7,000 m to 10,000 m.
  • Prepare Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA).
  • Mining resource study for pilot plant.
  • Drill identified mineralized targets to expand resource.


Essentially, the next (Phase 3) drill plan is to keep extending the pit at Japaneses, keep extending the pit zone at El Coloado and Cabeza Blanca, define the potential for mineralization at El Rincon, La Espanola, keep looking throughout the property.


------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------

Below is additional insight on Sonoro Metals Corp.


     Content found herein is not investment advice see Terms of Use, Disclosure & Disclaimer



Recent news releases regarding Company accomplishments and operational developments:


• July 3, 2019 "Sonoro Completes Phase Two Drill Program at Cerro Caliche".


• July 2, 2019 "Sonoro Announces Voting Results of Annual General Meeting".


• June 28, 2019 "Sonoro Clarifies Technical Disclosures Related to it's Cerro Caliche Project in Mexico".


• June 17, 2019 "Sonoro Proposes $750,000 Private Placement Financing".


• June 3, 2019 "Sonoro Metals Initiates Metallurgical Testing at Cerro Caliche".


• May 28, 2019 "Drilling Continues to Expand Cerro Caliche Gold Mineralization".


• April 29, 2019 "Sonoro Confirms New and Expanded Mineralized Zones at Cerro Caliche".


• April 3, 2019 "Sonoro Completes $650-718 Private Placement Financing".


• March 5, 2019 "Sonoro Commences Phase Two Drilling At Cerro Caliche".


• February 28, 2019 "Sonoro Enters Into Fiscal Advisory Services Agreement".


• February 11, 2019 "Sonoro Appoints Neil Maedel to Board of Directors".


• January 16, 2019 "Sonoro Successfully Completes Phase One Drill Program at Cerro Caliche".


------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------


Overview of other project of Sonoro Metals corp.:



------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


San Marcial Gold-Silver Project


Before acquiring Cerro Caliche, SMO.V acquired the San marcial Gold-Silver Project. Located ~20 km due East of Alio Gold's San Francisco open-pit gold mine, the San Marcial Gold-Silver Project is on the same Sonora-Mojave Megashear, and has similar SE-NW trending structures.


This property is awesome, except strategically the best thing to do right now is nothing. The Company had options on a total of 1,800 Ha., to date it has secured over 1,000 Ha, and is working on those final 800 Ha. On those 1,000 Ha. it has, there are no more payments, no more shares, only annual taxes. But on the 800 Ha. to the East, those are a work-in-progress as the old-timer that had the claim failed to pay the back taxes, forcing it into a state of suspension with the mining registry; it is neither canceled, nor is it current. It got bogged down because it got upgraded from an 'exploration' concession to 'exploitation-production' a long time ago and thus the government was not able to cancel it. Now SMO.V is working with the Government, bringing registration back in good standing under the old-timer, who has since deceased. The issue of getting the 800 Ha. is not in question, obviously a grandfathered exploitation-production status carries with it a lot of benefit.


  • 30 km southwest of Cerro Caliche Concession.
  • Sonora-Mojave Megashear.
  • 20 km east of San Francisco open-pit gold mine.


  • 100% owned by Sonoro.
  • 1,000 hectares.
  • Soledad & San Marcial historic mines.
  • 1980s exploration by Cominco & Barrick.
  • 1990s Exploration by Campbell Res. & Queenstake.
  • Air track drilling confirmed near-surface mineralization..
  • Sonoro sampling:
      • Au values range < 4.36 g/t; Ag values < 69.5 g/t.
  • Values indicative of Intrusion Related Gold (IRG) deposits.

  • Locally high-grade gold & silver mineralization.
  • broader lower-grade zones of disseminated to stockwork mineralization.

------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


Sonoro Metals Corp.'s Technical Leadership, Management, and Governance  Skip to top

The current management team and board of directors has a well rounded combination of people that each contribute expertise in disciplines necessary for a successful mining entity:


John M. Darch, – Chairman & Director

Over the past 35 years, Mr. Darch has identified and secured funding for the exploration, development and operations of many diverse mining and energy related projects worldwide, in private and public companies. He has been actively involved in all aspects from concept, creation, structure and financing, to development and operations. Such ventures include; gold (Canada, Greenland & Africa), diamonds (Botswana & South Africa), geothermal (Canada), oil & gas (USA), coal, antimony, nickel, and copper (Africa, Zambia & Philippines) and tin (England), as well as the Asia Pacific Resources discovery and development to the pre-feasibility stage of one of the world’s most significant high-grade potash deposits located in Northern Thailand. He has successfully secured over USD 300-million in private and public funds from North America, UK and Europe, through listings on the Stock Exchanges in Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Norway and South Africa.


Kenneth MacLeod, – President, CEO, Director

Mr. MacLeod has 35 years experience as an entrepreneur, financier and executive officer in the resource and energy sectors, having served as President, CEO and director of various public and private companies operating in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Recent activities include the launching and subsequent sale of a private Renewable Energy company operating in the Philippines. Mr. MacLeod was President & CEO of Western GeoPower Corp. from 2001 until its acquisition by Ram Power Corp. in 2009. In the mining sector, he was President & CEO of Kakanda Development Corp. from 1994 until 2001.


Melvin Herdrick, – Vice-President, Exploration

Mr. Herdrick is a professional geologist with over 35 years experience in exploration in the United States and Mexico, including 9 years as Chief Geologist for Phelps Dodge in Mexico from 1994 to 2003 and 5 years as Vice President of Exploration for Pediment Gold Corp. until its takeover by Argonaut Gold Inc. in 2011.


Jorge Diaz, – Operations Manager, Mexico

Jorge is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines and a mining engineer with over 25 years experience working on projects throughout Mexico, including development and construction of the Mulatos Mine and La Colorado Mine, both of which are in the northern state of Sonora.


Stephen Kenwood P. Geo., – Director, Qualified Person

Mr. Kenwood has a BSc. (Geology) from the University of British Columbia and 20 years world-wide experience in the mining sector and 12 years managing junior exploration companies. He was formerly a geologist with Cominco on the Snip gold mine and project geologist at Eskay Creek polymetallic massive sulphide deposit, both of which are located in northern B.C. Steve also worked as a project geologist at the Petaquilla copper-gold porphyry deposit in Panama.


James Taylor, – Director

Mr. Taylor spent 35-years as an investment advisor with several firms, including Canaccord Investment Corp and Yorkton Securities from 1980 to 2011; Richardson GMP from 2011 to 2014; and Dundee Goodman from 2014 to 2016. During his employment as an investment advisor, Mr. Taylor participated in the financing of numerous exploration and venture companies that grew to success as significant mineral producers. Mr. Taylor also serves as a director at Auston Capital and Captiva Verde Land Corp.


Scott Kelly, – Director, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kelly has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Royal Roads University. He has been involved as an officer and consultant to junior exploration companies since 2004 and was the VP Finance of Pediment Gold Corp. until it was taken over by Argonaut Gold Inc. in 2011. Scott is currently the CFO of Ely Gold & Minerals Inc.


Neil Maedel, – Executive Director, Corporate Finance

Mr. Maedel is a Southeast Asia based venture Capitalist with an extensive background in the analysis and finance of small cap companies beginning with The Minicap Analyst in 1988, and later Protrader Finanz AG which were based in Switzerland and which are associated with numerous highly successful start-ups in North America. Mr. Maedel was Director, Business Development at Switzerland-based Manas Petroleum, when it assembled a 5-country portfolio of large light oil prospects, ranging from high risk exploration to discovery appraisal. He was also Chairman of Pan American Goldfields, directing the executive team which turned around the troubled company, doubling its interest in its principal asset to 80%, while more than doubling the size of the resource from 800,000 to 2,000,000 AuEq ounces, as defined in a NI 43-101 compliant Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA). Pilot gold production was also initiated ultimately reaching over 2,000 AuEq ounces per month, with a goal of funding the deposit’s development. In 2014 Mr. Maedel co-founded, as a director, Kenadyr Resources, which is currently drilling to define high-grade gold zones now demonstrated to extend from ZiJin Mining’s TBL mine in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Katharine Regan, – Corporate Secretary

Katharine Regan has over 25 years’ experience in generating Business Development Programs across multiple industries in both the private and public sectors. Her particular expertise is in project development, administrative operations and corporate communications. As an independent consultant, Katharine also assists companies implement and maintain corporate governance, regulatory compliance and corporate social responsibility.



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Company's web site: www.sonorometals.com   SEDAR Filings: URL



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