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Feature article December 15, 2017:


SRG Graphite Inc. developing one of the best deposits in the world, in mining-friendly Guinea


One of the largest surface outlines in the world; 3.22km2 of surface graphite mineralization, 89% large - super jumbo flakes, no impurities.


SRG Graphite Inc.



Share data, Capitalization, & Corporate info


 Shares Outstanding:  ~58 million (post recent financing closing)

 Fully Diluted:  ~65M

 Recently Traded: ~CDN$1.77/share (TSX-V: SRG)

 52 Week High/Low: $1.82/ 0.15

 Current Market Capitalization: ~$102.6 million Canadian

 Corporate Website:


The share price of SRG.V is poised for upward revaluation to match comparable world class deposits as it advances, fully capitalized, toward scoping study by end of 2017, and Feasibility/production decision in mid-2018.


  • Resource size potential; 8.7 km long graphite deposit with an average width of 370m at surface, this Mining Journal projects* (non 43-101) upwards of 150 years of production in the top 20 meters of weathered material alone.

  • Flake size advantage; 89% of graphite flakes are super-jumbo, jumbo, and large (>0.18 mm).

  • Weathering advantage of top ~20 m; Favorable weathering action over million of years has expunged organics from top layer, and freed graphite flakes from the silicate gangue allowing for easy grinding with optimal recovery.

  • Grade advantage; Metallurgical tests on representative surface samples have yielded grades up to 20% carbon with no impurities.

  • Quick-to-market; Company is fully capitalized to rapidly and cost-effectively advance the project to PFS by end of 2017, and Feasibility by mid-2018.

  • Experienced & accomplished management team, skilled technical leadership, in stable mining-friendly jurisdiction, with no environment or infrastructure issues.



Valuation Commentary: SRG Graphite Resources Inc. (TSX-V: SRG) is a Canadian-based mining company focused on advancing its 100%-owned Lola Graphite Deposit in Guinea toward a Pre Feasibility Study by the end of this 2017, and Feasibility/production decision in mid-2018. If everything goes to plan the marketplace should be able to recognize a substantially higher value for the asset, one of the best graphite assets in the world due to its size (8.7 km long with average depth of 370m at surface), the quality of the mineral (89% of graphite flakes are super-jumbo, jumbo, and large, with weathering of the top ~20 m allowing for freeing of flakes, grades up to 20% carbon with no impurities), the stability and friendliness of the jurisdiction, geographically it is on the west side of Africa with direct access to North America and Europe, and with a very strong management team (including the founder of SEMAFO, click here to see CVs) at the helm able to fast-track the project thru to production decision. A decision that will see SRG selling some of the highest quality graphite available, with an optimal distribution of flakes, in an expanding market.

Fig. 1 SRG Opens TSX-V Market Oct 2/17. Since listing in 2017, SRG has created an increase >$60M in shareholder value.


SRG.V currently has a market cap of ~C$102.6 million (~58 million shares outstanding trading at ~$1.77/share, with no warrant pressure over its head (~65M fully diluted)), miniscule compared to other companies with meaningful graphite deposits in the world (see comparison further below) which SRG has advantages over in terms of quality. The share price is apt to appreciate as the Company accomplishes near-term milestones. SRG Graphite Inc., was recently formed (in January 2017) as a standalone Company to receive its flagship asset (the Lola Graphite Property) from Sama Resources (which is busy advancing its own flagship asset in another African country). Sama Resources retains ~43% of the outstanding shares of SRG after the spin-out and recent capitalization, Coris Capital out of Africa owns ~13%, and insiders own ~4% = ~60% in total in very strong hands. It has been a low profile transaction up to now, however that won't last -- going into October-2017 SRG has ~C$3.2 million in the bank, sufficient to complete all objectives through to Feasibility/production decision mid-2018, no further dilution is required.


Figure 2. (below) Comparison of SRG Graphite Inc. to other deposits

SRG is at a key stage of value creation and on sale; SRG compared to other projects is still very cheap at its current market cap; the comparable deposits portrayed in the image above adjacent the Lola Graphite deposit are in Africa (and of lesser quality graphite), Mason is in Quebec. Each has their own specs and have varying levels of development/improvements, so always never a straight comparison, however it is clear SRG is poised for upside revaluation -- the area (the red ellipse area seen in the image) SRG is targeting for the resource that it will publish later this year with its scoping study is expected to cover ~16% of the surface area of the deposit and involves only the top oxide portion (weathered zone). Compared SRG to Syrah Resources, which has a >US$1 Billion market cap., Syrah only has the one deposit in Mozambique, both comparables are on the same scale in the image above -- you can see the two proposed pits for Syrah are 3.2 km apart and about the same size as the red ellipse area of SRG, clearly SRG is set for significant upside revaluation if all goes to plan.


Demand for SRG's high-purity large flake graphite is high: On November 7, 2017 Great Lakes Graphite and SRG Graphite Execute Memorandum of Understanding for SRG to Supply Graphite Concentrate. The MoU specifies that the Companies will seek to negotiate an agreement for the annual supply of between 5,000 and 20,000 tons of natural flake graphite concentrate (click here to view that news release).


No geological risk, no metallurgical risk, no mining risk, no environmental risk: Interesting for shareholders is that 1) there is no geological risk; the discovery is made. 2) There is no metallurgical risk; the met tests are done and highly favorable. 3) Investors can also can also tick off the mining risk, as it is at surface (not an underground mine). 4) There is no environmental risk; there are no people to move from the deposit and the local village is supportive, and whatever waste SRG is going to put back into the ground after processing is harmless as there is no deleterious chemical elements used in floatation. 5) Execution risk is addressed as SRG has highly experienced mining professionals (e.g. Marc-Antoine Audet, BSc, MSc and Ph.D (Geology), P.Geo, and Benoit La Salle, FCPA, FCA, MBA) that have done this for the past 30 years with no flaws or failures to speak of. Essentially success for SRG from here boils down to execution on the pre-feasibility and feasibility.


Figure 3. (right) Outcrop - the vegetation has been peeled back to expose the graphite mineralization properly and sampled in the middle.


Figure 4. (below) 3D image of the deposit - The 3D image of the deposit show in grey the outline of the paragonite that is enriched with graphite, it is the outline SRG has mapped at surface of what can be seen visibly.


Synopsis of a world-class graphite deposit


The Lola Graphite occurrence has a prospective surface outline of 3.22 km2 of continuous graphitic gneiss, one of the largest surface outlines in the world.


The Lola Graphite deposit is 8.7 km long with an avg. width of 370 meters. This Mining Journal projects* (*non 43-101) there is upwards of 150 years of production in the top 20 meters of weathered material alone (calculated using 3.2 sq. km, density of 1.6, 60% of the surface area going through a plant at ~400,000 t/year, yielding 24,000t of concentrate per year), and then there is the rock under that 20 m which is rich too.


NOTE: The November 2, 2017 news release "More Strong Results at SRG’s Lola Graphite Project" revealed thicknesses of more than 30 meters in the surface weathered profile in 56% of the boreholes, and averaging over 20 m in the others.


Obviously it makes no sense to drill the entire deposit now. The first-pass/maiden resource, for the scoping study that SRG is looking to deliver by the end of 2017, will come from its focused drilling of the indicated red ellipse area covering 16% of the deposit, and this Mining Journal believes* this first-pass will give SRG 15 - 20 years (at a removal rate of ~25,000t of concentrate/yr.) of first production.

Weathering advantage of top ~20 m: The first 20 meters or so of the deposit are well weathered (lateralized), freeing graphite flakes from the silicate gangue and allowing for an easy grinding with optimal recovery of all large and jumbo flakes. The weathering action from the sun and rain has occurred over millions of years, rotting the rock and causing the mobile elements to escape the rock, leaving behind immobile elements in the soil without organic material. Weathering makes the material amenable to easy low-cost removal as it is very easy to dig (e.g. with a backhoe), explosives are not needed. The weathered profile of the deposit is anywhere from 20 m to 30 m and in some places down to 50 m. The weathered material makes for easier processing too, it requires only gentle crushing to recover all the flakes. The majority of other deposits, around the world, and especially those in North America, are in hard rock structures, making them much harder to mine and much more difficult from a metallurgical standpoint. The Lola Graphite Deposit, within the top 20 m - 30 m, is like a sandbox with the graphite flakes freed from weathering, making them easy to recover.

The graphite mineralization extends deep under the top oxide layer within the nonweathered sheared gneiss.


Flake size advantage; 89% of graphite flakes are super-jumbo, jumbo, and large (>0.18 mm):

The flake distribution found in graphite at the Lola Graphite Deposit is a unique occurrence, very few deposits in the world can compare.  Being dominant large - super-jumbo flakes will allow SRG to market its deposit to all sectors of the economy and cater to the whole range of industries. Most graphite deposits in the world do not have as good a flake distribution as SRG and are pigeon-holed into intensive processing options characterized by low yields, high costs, and low margin, such selling graphite for Li-ion batteries. A large portion of the graphite market involves other aspects of the economy that demand larger flakes, such as steel/foundry/refractory, lubricants, composite parts (used in aerospace) and other specialty uses. A lot of buyers are looking for large flakes and are prepared to pay a premium because they realize these large flakes have a significant advantage.


Comparison of Flake Size Distribution


Table 1. (above) Comparison of flake size distribution from various selected published sources. This table image of comparisons (above) was actually published by Triton located in Mozambique, they claim flake distribution similar to SRG; ~89% large - super-jumbo flake size -- as you can see there are not many in that pedigree. Not shown in the above table is the purity, SRG is absent impurities, some deposits have issues in removing impurities.


Excellent grades and thicknesses: SRG has published several press releases regarding drilling that reveal quality thicknesses and grades drilling, e.g. see latest release November 2, 2017 "More Strong Results at SRG’s Lola Graphite Project" and September 13, 2017 "SRG Drills 8.9% Cg Over 55 Meters, Including 10.06% Cg Over 48 Meters at Lola – Numerous Drill Intersects Grading Above 10% Graphitic Carbon", which typifies the deposit. The fact that the relative cost of mining and processing are expected to be very low, SRG can mine down to 2% without problems. Obviously SRG will mine the sections with 10% grades first.


A total of 36 core drill holes (800 meters) were done by SRG (Sama at that time) on the Lola Graphite deposit in 2014. The drill holes were distributed over a strike length of 5.2 kilometers of the entire 8.7-kilometer-long deposit. The graphite mineralization is well exposed at surface over the entire strike length, with surface sample grades ranging from trace to up to 20% Cg (graphitic carbon). The mineralisation is often seen as agglomerates of high graphite concentration that can exceed 50% to 60% visible graphite content.

Drilling now underway: A ~4,825-meter (~157 DDH) drilling program was initiated in H1-2017 on the property with an objective to delineate National Instrument 43-101 resources. SRG is still drilling on the property and has used the end of September-2017 as a cut off for holes to be included in the PFS that the Company's independent engineering firm Met-Chem/DRA is expected to have ready by the end of 2017. SRG will continue its drilling after September and use the balance of the results in the expected mid-2018 Feasibility.


Cost effective: This Mining Journal envisions SRG in a position to be selling large-flakes, that require nominal simple/low-cost (say ~near-$US300/t) processing (see related press release "SRG Achieves 96% Graphite Purity Via Simple Flotation"), into a range of markets without further processing at say US$1,200/t to US$1,700/t -- very high margins. One of SRG's primary objectives is to establish mineral resources within the weathered portion of the deposit, the first 20 meters or so. The weathered material is easily accessible as it is outcropping at surface, there is no overburden to remove, and mining will not require blasting. SRG plans to process the material on site using typical flotation, thereby producing no harmful waste.


Flotation Testing – December 2016 (SRG's Fourth Test)

Head Grade: 15.6%


Typical Flotation

Acid Wash

Flake Size



% Cg

% Cg

+28 Mesh (Super Jumbo)





+35 Mesh (Super Jumbo)




+48 Mesh (Jumbo)




+80 Mesh (Large)





-80 Mesh




Not tested


Table 2. (above) Summary of metallurgical tests performed at ActLab Laboratory in Canada for the oxide material (saprolite; 0-20 meters from surface). Analysis performed on samples from SRG’s Lola Graphite deposit, including geochemical, mineralogical and metallurgical testing, yielded excellent results Tests returned purities of 99.7% and 99.1% graphitic carbon (“Cg“) for +48 mesh (>0.31 millimeters (“mm”) and the -48+80 mesh (between 0.18 mm and 0.31 mm), respectively using a light caustic acid wash (10% concentration). The majority of the concentrate, 89%, is made up of flake sizes greater than 0.18 millimeters. Super-jumbo flakes (>0.50 mm) account for 29% of the concentrate with purities of 96.6% and 95.9% Cg obtained using the basic flotation process.


Favorable metallurgy - free from impurities: Preliminary metallurgical tests on the top 20 m of oxide material returned excellent results. The graphite concentrate appears to be exempt of contaminants (Cu, Mo, V, etc) that are often seen in problematic concentrations in graphite concentrates from numerous other graphite deposits around the world and particularly in southern Africa. Mineralogical studies show that all the sulphide minerals have been naturally leached from the oxide facies, resulting in a chemically purer concentrate. For the same reason, the tailings are also expected to be non-acid generating.

  • Lola graphite has favorable ash composition and the comparably low efforts required to attain high carbon grades.

  • This graphite has characteristics that are suitable for highly demanding applications like lithium-ion batteries or synthetic diamonds.

  • Purification testing performed was “mild” compared to the “harsh” purification usually applied for lithium-ion battery grade, thereby attesting again to the likelihood that the material will be very suitable for battery applications.

  • The volatiles are low, oxidation resistance is very high and the specific surface area is in the normal range.

  • The graphite from the Lola Deposit has a high bulk density (>700 g/l), typical Chinese graphite has bulk densities of 450-550 g/l for +80 mesh.

  • Doftner-Anzaplan from Germany reported that bulk density, tap density, morphology, chemical purity and specific surface area of the spherical graphite product obtained from SRG’s Lola Graphite Deposit are similar to typical spherical graphite products in the market. The produced graphite concentrate is well suited for generating anode material for lithium-ion battery -- see related November 29, 2017 update entitled "SRG’s Graphite Demonstrates Excellent Electrochemical Characteristics".


The absence of impurities at the Lola Graphite Deposit can be traced to the origin on the carbon. Unlike most other deposits which were created from organics matter (with impurities) deposited, the Lola Deposit is at least 3.6B+ years old and has no organic composition to it as a carbon that has come from the earths mantel (deep inside the earth).


------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------


Below is expanded insight on SRG Graphite Inc. and its Lola Graphite Property.


     Content found herein is not investment advice see Terms of Use, Disclosure & Disclaimer



Recent news releases regarding Company accomplishments and operational developments:


• November 29, 2017 "SRG’s Graphite Demonstrates Excellent Electrochemical Characteristics".


• November 28, 2017 "Coris Exercises 2,625,000 SRG Share Purchase Warrants".


• November 7, 2017 "Great Lakes Graphite and SRG Graphite Execute Memorandum of Understanding for Supply of Graphite Concentrate".


• November 2, 2017 "More Strong Results at SRG’s Lola Graphite Project".


• October 25, 2017 "SRG Graphite Closes Second Tranche of $3M Strategic Equity Financing with CORIS Capital SA".


• October 1, 2017 "SRG to Open Toronto Stock Exchange on October 2, 2017".


• September 27, 2017 "SRG Engages Met-Chem/DRA for Preliminary Economic Assessment on Lola Graphite Project, Guinea".


• September 13, 2017 "SRG Drills 8.9% Cg Over 55 Meters, Including 10.06% Cg Over 48 Meters at Lola – Numerous Drill Intersects Grading Above 10% Graphitic Carbon".


• September 7, 2017 "SRG Produces Spheronized Pure Lithium-Ion Battery Grade Graphite".


• August 31, 2017 "SRG Graphite Closes Tranche 1 of $3M Strategic Equity Financing with CORIS Capital SA".


• August 22, 2017 "SRG Achieves 96% Graphite Purity Via Simple Flotation".


• August 16, 2017 "SRG Graphite Announces $3M Strategic Equity Financing With CORIS Capital SA".


• July 19, 2017 "SRG’s Drill Results Returned Numerous Drill Intersects Above 10% Cg, Including 4.5 Meters at 36.97% Cg".


------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------


Lola Graphite Property, Republic of Guinea

Download PDF of Lola Graphite Deposit Technical Report       


Ownership: SRG Graphite Inc. has 100% ownership of the project.


Location, Region, and Infrastructure


Mining in Guinea: SRG's management team has experience running mining operations in the country. Guinea is no stranger to mining and has a mining culture as it is the largest bauxite producer in the world with an international array of companies present. Guinea is considered a stable mining-friendly jurisdiction, ideologically stable without issues and they have free elections. There have only been four Presidents since the French granted Guinea independence in October-1958 (the French left in 1959), the current President was first elected in 2012 for a 5 year term and has since been re-elected. Economic activity is encouraged and the process of receiving a mining license is uncomplicated.


Figure 5a. (left) Guinea location map.


Proximity to markets: Guinea is a West African costal country with water access to major markets; only a few days shipping to Europe and to the American east coast, two of the fastest growing markets for high quality natural graphite flakes.


The Lola Graphite deposit is located approximately 1,000 kilometers east of Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea. The deposit was named after the nearby town of Lola, located some 3.5 kilometers to the east.



Figure 5b. (above) Location map.

Figure 6. (right) President of Guinea at meeting.


Strong community and government support: Looking at the map above, note the small town of Lola located ~3km from the deposit. There is no one on top of the deposit, and the deposit area has been reserved for SRG. The Company has the full support of the town counsel and the whole area. The tremendous relationship everyone has in the area was solidified a few years ago when the area was effected by the Ebola crisis and all commerce was effectively shut down for months, SRG was one of the only companies in that part of the world that kept everyone it employed in the town on the payroll until the crisis blew over, and SRG received a red-carpet style reception from the community upon return. SRG has recently done a presentation to the President of Guinea personally and has the full support of both the President and the Minister of Mines. The area needs jobs and development and the project is quick to production.


Infrastructure: There is a main road cutting through the northern portion of the Lola Graphite property, this is a paved road that links Lola to the capital of Guinea, Conakry ~1,000 km away on the coast, which has direct access to ports. The deposit is right on this road.




Figure 7. (above) - This is the original outcrop discovery located along the side of the road. Note in the image all the spotted banding, dark/brown/grayish material is bands of graphite up to 15% - 20%, and the lighter brown/grey is typical of 2%.


Power on the property is via generator. The area has a very good supply of water as it is a forestry climate with ~1,600 mm of rain per year.



  • Discovered in the 50’s by the French’s BUMIFOM

  • BUMIFOM: 309 pits, metallurgical tests, plans for production

  • 1959: Guinean independence, BUMIFOM left the country

  • SRG re-discovered the deposit in 2012

The French company BUMIFOM (“Bureau Minier de la France Outremer”) originally discovered the Lola Graphite deposit during construction of the Conakry-Lola road in 1951. BUMIFOM’s work on the property included 309 pits, metallurgical tests and the elaboration of plans for production. However, in 1959, following Guinea’s declaration independence, BUMIFOM abandoned the project and it was subsequently forgotten until 2012 when SRG re-discovered the deposit.


When we say 're-discovered', the graphite deposit was literally re-discovery; while walking the road noting geology principles of SRG (Sama Resources at the time) found the outcrop and bands of graphite.


Timeline; exploration and development program for SRG's Lola Graphite deposit:



Table 3. (above) Program timeline - SRG will use a cut-off of September 30, 2017 for drilling to be included in the PFS, the drilling will continue over the Fall and include more sectors for the Feasibility study in mid-2018. The environmental baseline is ongoing, along with the social economic assessments, community consultation. Everything is going according to plan and on budget.


Potential markets for SRG's anticipated concentrate from Lola Graphite Deposit



Table 4. (above) Potential markets for various size of flakes that SRG flake distribution can cater to. SRG is able to cover the entire spectrum of industries. The refractory market, foundry market, and special products all need large to super-jumbo, they are not interested in small or medium.  This Mining Journal anticipates that producing by simple straight floatation will cost SRG say US$300/t, the Company will sell that material without further processing for US$1,200/t - US$1,700/t. There is also a portion of the graphite that is in the fine to medium flake and that material may be directed to battery grade material.


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Graphite - the commodity


   - What is graphite

   - Graphite pricing

   - Graphite growth markets


SRG Graphite Inc.'s Technical Leadership, Management, and Governance  Skip to top

The current management team and board of directors has a well rounded combination of people that each contribute expertise in disciplines necessary for a successful mining entity:


Benoit La Salle, FCPA, FCA, MBA – Director and Executive Chairman of the Board

Mr. La Salle, FCPA, FCA, has 20 years of experience in the development and operation of mining projects in West Africa. In 1995, he founded Canadian based SEMAFO Inc. (TSX, OMX: SMF), a successful gold producer in West Africa. In October 2012, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of The Canadian Council on Africa. In 1980, Mr. La Salle founded Grou, La Salle and Associates Inc., Chartered Accountants. He has served on the boards of several public companies and is the former Chairman of the Board of Plan International Canada, one of the world’s largest non-governmental organizations. Mr. La Salle is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, a member of the Quebec Order of Chartered Accountants and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Mr. La Salle holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and a Master of Business Administration degree from IMEDE, Switzerland.


Marc-Antoine Audet, BSc, MSc and Ph.D (Geology), P.Geo – Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Audet has over 27 years of geological experience in international nickel laterite exploration and development with major mining companies such as Xstrata Nickel and Falconbridge. His project experience includes the Falcondo laterite nickel operation, the newly discovered Serra do Tapas and Vale dos Sonhos deposits in Brazil and New Caledonia’s Koniambo nickel cobalt laterite project. Dr. Audet was the Manager of Resource Estimation and Mine Development, and the Exploration Manager and Chief Geologist for Falconbridge in New Caledonia. He also served as the Senior Project Geologist and Director of Operations for Falconbridge International Investments Limited in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.


 Marc Filion, Ph.D. MBA, Eng., ASC – Director

Marc Filion is a certified board director and company executive. He currently sits on a number of boards as chairman of the board or as an active audit and compensation, nominating and corporate governance committee member. A geological engineer by training, Dr. Filion exercised his technical skills in Canada and abroad while at the employ of SOQUEM, SNC-Lavalin and CHIM International for over 40 years. He was also the Chairman of SOQUEM from 1999 to 2006. Dr. Filion served as President and Chief Operating Officer of SGF Mineral Inc. from 1998 to 2004 and also as Senior Vice President, Investments for Mines, Minerals and Materials for SGF from 2004 to 2006. Recent assignments involved his expertise in bringing a graphite deposit into production in Asia and the development of an eco-friendly extractive metallurgical technology for nickel deposits. Dr. Filion has been active on numerous boards of small and large mines and metals companies and offers in-depth experience in the development and management of capital intensive world-class industrial projects in joint venture with international business partners.


Marcel Duchesne – Director

Mr. Duchesne has more than 35 years of experience in Graphite processing. Graduated as Mining Technician in Abitibi, Qc, Canada, he was the Mill Superintendent for Asbury Graphite operation and thereafter at Timcal’s Lac des Iles graphite producing center in Quebec province. From 1999 until retirement, he was the Superintendent for the R&D department at Timcal Lac des Iles Graphite operation. M. Duchesne visited most of the World Class graphite producing centers, including China, Southern and Eastern Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Europe and Canada. He has an extensive experience in graphite industrial plants, developing innovative solutions to processing issues.


René Lessard – Director

Mr. Lessard is an independent sales consultant. He is a member of the board for Nemaska Lithium. He was the Sales Manager of Campagna Motors Inc. and also of T-Rex Vehicles Inc. for over 4 years. He acts as a director of Monarques Resources Inc until 2014.


Yves Grou CPA, CA

Mr. Grou is a CPA CA, having received his Bachelor in Commerce degree from McGill University. He is a member of the Quebec Institute of Chartered Accountants. He was co-founder in 1980 and a partner until 2004 of Groupe Conseils Grou, La Salle, Inc. He developed a business valuation expertise, having several high-profile clients. At Groupe Conseils Grou, La Salle, Inc., Mr. Grou coordinated and led the reverse take-over process related to several public companies, having successfully completed several transactions with mining, oil and gas, telecommunications and medical devices companies of which some were located in France, Cuba, Thailand, West Africa and China. In 2004, Groupe Conseils Grou, La Salle, Inc. was sold to a major international accounting firm. Prior to 1980, Mr. Grou worked with Ernst & Young (Montreal) for three years. Mr. Grou is a member of the board of directors of several public companies, in natural resources, renewable energy and materials.


Bakayoko Bouake, Geologist Exploration Manager, West Africa – Director

Mr. Bouaké obtained his geological degree from Institut National Polytechnique F.H.B. of Yamoussoukro in Côte d’Ivoire. He joined Falconbridge International Investments Limited in Côte d’Ivoire in 1994 as field geologist for the Touba-Biankouma nickel laterite project where he gained expertise in project management. From 1998 to 2000, he made several visits to the Koniambo nickel laterite project in New Caledonia to assist the local team with setting up their exploration program. Subsequently, Mr. Bouaké was involved with Falconbridge’s nickel sulphide exploration program in the Cape Smith belt and spent time at the Raglan nickel mine in Quebec, Canada. He made several working visits to the Falcondo nickel laterite mining operation in the Dominican Republic and, from 2004 to 2008, was a geological consultant at the newly discovered Serra do Tapas nickel laterite project in Brazil.


Mr. K. Abdoulaye Compaore – Director

Mr. Compaore has a post-graduate degree (DESS) in International Finance and master’s degrees (2) in Finance, option Bank and International Finance, and Taxation and Business Law. Mr. Compaore is the General Manager for Coris Capital SA since January 2014. Coris Capital SA is part of the larger Coris Financial group based in Burkina Faso.


Mr. Abdoul Aziz Nassa – Director

Mr. Abdoul Aziz Nassa is Business Development Director at Coris Capital SA. He is also General Manager, General Mining Logistics, a subsidiary of Coris Capital SA. General Mining Logistics specialized in providing logistic services to West African mining companies.


Isabelle Gauthier, CPA, CA – Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Gauthier, completed a B.A. in Administration from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and has been a member of the Ordre des Comptables Agréés du Québec since 1998. She held the position of Senior Director within the firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton for which she worked as an Auditor from 1996 to 2006. Mrs. Gauthier has over twenty years of accounting experience. She has developed an expertise in consolidation, consolidation of foreign subsidiaries and foreign currency transactions. Through her involvement in various assignments, she acquired a solid experience in management and financial reporting.


Note: This article is not intended to be a complete overview of SRG Graphite Inc. or a complete listing of SRG Graphite's projects. Mining MarketWatch urges the reader to contact the subject company and has identified the following sources for information:


For more information contact SRG Graphite Inc.'s head office at: Ph (514).726.4158


Company's web site:   SEDAR Filings: URL



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